Dan Brisse



Cold Spring, Minnesota





Dan Brisse might ride a snowboard for a living, but that isn’t to say that he has an easy job. The back-to-back X Games Real Snow gold medalist views his career as a dawn-till-night operation, frequently setting up and tearing up his shoots at all hours. Seemingly every spot that he destroys, from a wall ride to a parking garage gap, involves building something out of snow, wood, metal and even bolts. But the bottom line is that every day the guy carries his board to work like a lunch pail and punches the clock with a smile on his face.

It is likely this lifestyle and behavior are what prompted Volcom’s Billy Anderson to dub Dan “Blue-Collar Brisse” years ago.¬†After all, how many guys really love to sweat that much before a shoot even begins, and then return time after time, sack after sack, to make sure that the original job gets done, and gets done the right way?

"How many guys really love to sweat that much before a shoot even begins?"

“I had a shoot with Brisse one time in the backcountry,” notes Salt Lake City-based photographer Stan Evans, “and when I asked him if he wanted to grab a beer that evening he told me ‘oh thanks man, but no, I gotta get across town and get going on this rail shoot.'”

So where does the end lie for Brisse in all of this? Is there a method to the madness?

“I love doing this today like I did five and even ten years ago,” smiles Brisse from beneath his mustache. “Snowboarding satisfies something in my life that nothing else really can. Maybe people see me flying over some feature or other and think I’m crazy, but I hope they know that I put a lot of thought and effort into making sure everything I do is as safe as it can be – even if I’m trying to push myself to a new level that day.”

Lunch pail. Timecard. Brisse.

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