Ryan Decenzo



Huntington Beach, CA





Make no mistake, Ryan Decenzo is in the business of having fun. Or is he having fun doing business? Paradoxically, the fun can be quite a bit of work these days…and the work, well it’s actually pretty fun.

To the over-achieving Canadian skateboard star who resides in Huntington Beach, CA, each moment of each week is spent building what is clearly a legitimate international career as a skateboarder. 

Make no mistake, Ryan Decenzo is in the business of having fun. Or is he having fun doing business?

What exactly does this entail? Let’s start with the great stuff: living, growing, and skating as one of the best, the wild schedule of constant filming, taking a team trip around Europe with Globe, grabbing podium finishes at Dew Tour and X Games, and competing with the top skaters at Street League. Then the mostly good stuff: finding new spots, pounding away at your phone to connect with fellow area pros, photogs, and related industry peeps, traveling, and helping out the generation below you. Then the lames: taxes and the organization of receipts, sending invoices, booking travel, making sure your health insurance is updated, healing up from injuries, and navigating the politics of an industry that can be surprisingly intense. 

For Ryan, the best days still have always been the classics. “Man, there’s nothing I like better than coming home from a big trip – getting my homefront dialed back in – and then going for a super session with my bro and my friends – just getting stoked on what one another are doing, and how we’ve progressed since we’ve been away. That’s still the best.” 

Have fun working, Ryan. We know you’ve still got the best job in the world. 

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