Cassie Sharpe

Halfpipe Skier


Comox, BC



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For Cassie Sharpe, spending time in a rugged and mountainous environment was completely second nature. Growing up, the Sharpe Family spent all of their time in the idyllic outdoor playground of Vancouver Island. Cassie was no entitled child, however, she was instead the daughter of an employee who looked after the understated and classic Mount Washington Ski Area, just up the street from her childhood home. It was in this setting where Cassie and her two brothers, Darcy and Doug, would hone and later reveal their remarkable talents. Choosing their own disciplines (the boys snowboarded while Cassie skied), they would ultimately push one another to a collective zenith. Long before the 2022 Olympic Silver Medal, 2018 Olympic Gold Medal, XGames medals, World Championship title, comparisons to the incomparable and legendary Sarah Burke, or even the tweets from Prime Minister Trudeau and global superstar Ryan Reynolds, all that mattered to Cassie was being better than her two brothers.

Today, the ever-humble Cassie provides credit to those around her for her remarkable success, including a SILVER medal in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China, and a GOLD Medal in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeong Chang, South Korea. Her parents, brothers, teammates (Simon D’Artois, Mike Riddle, and Noah Bowman – all XGames stars), coaches of today and yesteryear, and boyfriend have surely all played a major role in her success. But what about all of that hard work, perseverance, and psychological battles that come with battling a 22 foot Super Pipe? What about skiing through injuries like a stress fractured back, broken thumb, and so many others along the way? What about the dedication to her craft that once found her spending a season waiting tables while she lived in a friend’s closet in Whistler, BC? Cassie tends to downplay that. “I’ve given it my all, that’s for sure,” she says, adding, “but with a team like this around me, honestly, I am in the best environment possible to succeed. They’re the best.”

One of those “best” team members is the steely veteran, Trennon Paynter, Cassie’s Half-Pipe Coach of four years. Few people have watched Cassie ski more, nor more halfpipe skiing in general, and Trennon is a big believer. “Cassie is a true game-changer in her sport. She combines technical tricks with huge amplitude in a way that sets her apart from the field. Her ability, commitment to hard work, and down-to-earth attitude make her a pleasure to work with. She has the respect of her peers and the industry. She’s both unique and creative; she makes good decisions; she does it all with a genuine love of the sport – and a great big smile on her face.”

“Cassie is a true game changer in her sport..." - Trennon Paynter

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