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Troy Podmilsak

Freestyle Skier


Park City, Utah



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It can be argued that in recent years, contest freeskiing has become something of an anonymous space. The household names of its stars – in large part – remain the same ones over a decade plus of XGames and Olympics competitions. Meanwhile, apart from a handful of youth stars, the bulk of the scene is without a strong identity.

If that is indeed true then Troy Podmilsak, aka T-Pod, is an athlete who is poised to cut through the clutter.

In addition to his World Championship Big Air title earned this year, Troy has some other very unique attributes: 1) he is fiercely devoted to being an individual 2) he prioritizes performance on a daily basis 3) he is a down-to-earth human being first and foremost.

Given the above, what goals does a young superstar like Troy have?

“I’m hoping to win everything,” he says with a big, genuine grin. “It is not going to be easy; my disciplines are extra crazy right now – but I know I can do it.”

Lookout, world. T-Pod is on the move.

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