Jaxson Riddle

Jaxson Riddle

Freeride Mountain Bike

Jaxson Riddle


A young star of any sport rarely emerges who earns the label “1 of 1.”

But in Jaxson Riddle’s case, the label is self-evident.

Consider a rider who – in this era of wildly technical trick innovation – has chosen going big and stylish as the underpinnings to their mountain biking.

Whether in the Super Bowl of Freeride Mountain-Biking (this can only be Rampage) or at the local skate park, Jaxson is punching the gas, reaching maximum altitude – and for good measure – adding the perfect tweak to the mix.

Witnessing this action live or staring at a 5” screen, the crowd inevitably goes wild.

And if you’re in Jaxson’s beautiful SW Utah backyard, there’s a decent chance you’re watching him win one of multiple Best Style category awards at Red Bull Rampage.

Jaxson’s style comes from a very authentic place: his lifelong passion for Moto-X.

But it isn’t just his style ON the bike that he gleans from that parallel universe.

Jaxson’s style OFF of his bike might be just as impressive.

With wildly colorful custom bike paint jobs (thank you, Transition Bikes) and a uniform to match (thank you, Troy Lee), it’s almost as if Jaxson had won the competition before it ever began.

Can it be real? A young 20-something with so much self-confidence and yet also so much humility?

Those who know him best know that Jaxson isn’t faking a thing.

His old soul – the one who had an apple green Chevrolet Impala for his first car – has a measure of rare truth in the world of 2-wheel sports.

“I’ve known Jaxson for a long time now, and honestly, what you all see is the same thing that I see, day in and day out” notes best friend, bike mechanic and fellow local, Joel Shockley aka J-Shock. “He doesn’t get rattled by things like a lot of people do. He’s just a smooth dude.”

It isn’t just friends and family who praise Jaxson. Before joining Oakley’s freeride team, their Team Manager consulted with the existing team of mythological freeride gods to ensure the decision was right. People like Kyle Strait and Cam Zink stepped up immediately with double thumbs-ups. “Jaxson is the next guy up to carry our torch,” says Strait, “and no matter what his future holds, he shouldn’t change a thing about his riding or overall program.”

Thank you, Jaxson, for showing all of us a better way.

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