Half man, half ramp, 100% hero.


Shushan, NY






Manramp’s passion for building is matched only by his calling to help others reach new heights (literally and figuratively). As a portable ramp propped up by sheer muscle, Manramp has collaborated with the likes of Tony Hawk, Mason Silva, Zeb Powell, and of course his own crew, Worble. He’s made appearances on Vice’s King of the Road, Hawk vs Wolf podcast, and in person at Summer X-Games, Swampfest 2024, Red Bull Heavy Metal, and Zumiez 100k.

Since making his debut on Thrasher in 2017, Manramp has gained an international reputation as skateboarding’s very own superhero. Call him a saint, call him a superhero, but really he’s just a regular guy with big muscles…

Big muscles, bigger heart. Thick mustache, thicker skin. Hard hat, harder work ethic.

Manramp continues to bring a fresh and fun perspective to action sports while amassing millions of views across social media platforms. But this doesn’t get to his head. He’ll always be the modest, supportive, fun-loving guy that the world has grown so fond of.

P.S. Don’t be surprised if you show up to a Halloween party and see several people dressed up as a construction worker with a blue helmet on their head and a piece of plywood in their hand.

Career Highlights