Zoi Sadowski-Synnott



Wanaka, NZ


  • Monster
  • Burton


The seemingly effortless champion. Ice water in the veins. Making it look easy. That smooth disposition. Game on lock. Not a care in the world. Maybe a subtle grin. “Don’t worry, coach, I got this.”

We love our Serena’s and Brady’s. They demonstrate tremendous grit and wear their emotions on their sleeves seemingly on every play. They win and they scream, or they lose, and might scream.

Don’t worry, coach, I got this.

But what about Roger Federer, Megan Rapinoe and Kevin Durant? What about the smooth and silent assassins? We imagine them getting their 10 hours of sleep each night, zero to fear, “just a walk in the park, Kazansky.” Yes, that was a Top Gun one reference – a film made long before Zoi Sadowski-Synnott arrived in the beautiful country of New Zealand.

Born to an Irish father and a NYC mom, Zoi arrived right in the slot where a nonchalant superstar should – which is to say the 4th of 5 kids in a happy and active household.

When she arrived (early in 2001); however, might not be as important as where. Wanaka, New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Fellow Superhero Cassie Sharpe (of Vancouver, BC), world traveler, and fellow Olympic medalist, calls Zoi’s hometown “honestly, the most beautiful place in the world.”

Never a stick-and-ball kid, always into the alternative options, Zoi took to skateboarding and snowboarding rapidly making them her core passions at an early stage of life. Her family embraced her passions, and before they knew it, Zoi was competing at the top national level.

Fast forward to February of 2018 when the just-16 year old phenom dropped into Big Air Finals in Pyeongchang, South Korea, stomped an historic Switch Backside 9, launching her onto the podium in the first ever Olympic Snowboard Big Air competition.

As Zoi landed on the podium, she also arrived on the global radar of the international snowboard industry. Who is this girl and how did she do that? Oh wait; she has a Red Bull helmet? Ok, ok…let’s keep an eye out here.

The following season, Zoi arrived at her first Winter XGames in Aspen, Colorado, ready to suit up for practice, as an alternate. Mere days later, she would walk away with some more very prestigious hardware, earning gold in Slopestyle and silver in Big Air.

Following up on that memorable performance, she took victories at both the World Championship in Park City, and then won the venerable Burton US Open in Vail, Colorado. That victory required landing one of the most difficult runs in the history of Women’s Slopestyle and doing so in flawless fashion. Zoi delivered.

After the contest, she could be seen smiling and hugging her fellow competitors. “Good job, Julia, you killed it” said Zoi. “OMG, no Zoi, you absolutely killed it” replied a fellow competitor.

OMG, no Zoi, you absolutely killed it, replied a fellow competitor

Zoi offered a bigger grin than usual. Her work was done and she had a blast getting it done. She also had that little secret tucked away in her pocket – all the hard work that she put into the practice and training to get to this place. She had found the place where snowboarding was truly fun at all times, and she never plans to leave it.

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