Tyler Nicholson



North Bay, ON





“I feel the need — the need for speed.” – Maverick, Top Gun

Make no mistake, Tyler Nicholson is that eternally stoked guy, constantly on the search for the next adrenaline-filled ride. Whether that comes from snowboarding, wakeboarding, or snowmobiling, Tyler is a guy that pushes the limits in all aspects of sports, having fun at every step. 

Still a young talent, the stories have already been pouring in. First guy to hit the massive gap jump at Rockstar’s “Spring Fling” in Grand Targhee, WY. Or the guy that completely put it all on the line in order to make his first real backcountry trip with the Leines brothers full of hard-hitting lines and jumps. A relative newbie in the snowmobile world, Tyler immediately found the knack for the massive machines and was totally hooked. 

Tyler is a guy that pushes the limits in all aspects of sports, having fun at every step.

Growing up in a small (and let’s face it, cold!) town of North Bay, Ontario, Tyler’s “down-for-anything” attitude must have been discovered by his remarkably supportive parents. Even at age 7, he learned how to ride and hit rails all in the same day. Nowadays he’s landing 1440’s with no trouble at all and his bag of tricks on a slopestyle course are truly something to behold. 

While podium outcomes have become the new norm for this super talent, Tyler’s vision clearly goes well past great performances in the park. Given his talent, attitude, and boundless energy, we wouldn’t recommend betting against him. 

Tyler Nicholson, you are the Sultan of Stoke. 

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