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Barra Velha, Santa Catarina, Brazil




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Surfer, filmmaker, photographer, editor, director, artist. Tomas Hermes.

Today, a World Championship Tour surfer, it all seems to be a dream. However, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the very talented Tomas Hermes. Tomas’ successes and struggles have helped him grow into who he is today.

Tomas grew up surfing at the age of 10 while home in his native Brazil. Unlike many of his modern-day peers though, Tomas took the long road to the top. “I can’t recall my first wave or the first contest I entered. But there is a specific memory I have of when I first started competing, and was able to get a spot in the World Junior Championships. I didn’t have enough money to travel, so I ended up missing the event entirely,” says Hermes. During that heartbreaking period, Tomas’ surfboard also broke, and he couldn’t replace it. After a long two years falling out of love with his favorite passion, a close friend helped him make a new surfboard, and Tomas was chasing waves once again. Soon after, he competed on the amateur tour, earning himself a spot on the Junior and ISA world tour again, and began competing in the World Qualifying Series. Today, he’s not only in the spotlight, but surfing at a truly elite level with the world’s very best.

In the water and out, Tomas has developed another passion as well – becoming an active content creator via short films. The same friend who helped make him a new surfboard also introduced Tomas to a video editing software. Once again, this friend changed his life, for which Tomas is eternally grateful. “I remember being on the computer editing for hours without even noticing that time has passed by.” His most recent film entitled “DREAMING TOGETHER” premiered December 2017 at Turtle Bay, Hawaii and since has been featured in several film festivals. Tomas’ wife and best friend, Ana, is also his personal photographer and filmmaking partner. Travelling the world and chasing waves with Ana has made Tomas feel like he never left home.

Thanks to this special relationship, Tomas makes the most of his competitions by enjoying his time between events. He films adventurous experiences while at some of the most beautiful destinations creating content, while still focusing on preparation for the next heat.

Tomas’ story is about pursuing dreams, fighting and battling in the sport, and most of all, love. We wait in anticipation for his next victory and short film.

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