Øystein Bråten



Torpo, Norway





What makes people from Norway so cool? Is it the weather? The social economic prowess? The history and respect for its gnarly, Viking elders? If it’s a given that Norway is cool, then Øystein Bråten is its new Prince of Cool.

The fun, humble, and ridiculously talented future star seems to have nerves of steel when he skis, leading some to call him “Iceman” in one of his breakout seasons. With a style that is both technical and also playful, Øystein’s skiing may seem like a walk in the park to some. Undoubtedly his seemingly effortless skills on rails put him in a league with very few of his peers of any age.

If it’s a given that Norway is cool, then Øystein Bråten is its new Prince of Cool.

Perhaps some credit for Øystein’s skills and style should be offered to big brother and professional snowboarder, Gjermund Bråten. How else could one explain a kid just barely the age of 8 hitting jumps and boxes behind early teenagers? As the years progress, these brothers’ countless hours riding in their backyard park would lead them to the pinnacle of all Slopestyle competitions, aka the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Learning from Gjermund and other Nordic legends like skier Andreas Håveit pushed Øystein to hit bigger jumps, more technical tricks and ultimately, the biggest and best freeski competitions and environments on the planet.

They say that you can only be cool if you don’t look like you’re trying. If that’s true, Øystein Bråten is one cool cat.

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