Mons Røisland



Høvik, Norway






Distinguished gentlemen or slopestyle wrecking machine?
Neither description of Mr. Mons Røisland would be off base.

One of the most promising young talents in the world today, Mons began turning heads back in 2009 when the 2-feet shorter version of himself joined the auspicious DC snowboard team. That team, which already featured mythological talents such as Travis Rice and Devun Walsh, has been Mons’ home ever since and has offered him some great opportunities to showcase his skills on and off his board. Says Walsh of the 2015 DC team trip to Méribel (France), “That kid is really something else. All day, he was sending everything in the park, tech and stylish and landing it all.”  Mons continued on his upward trajectory to podium at X Games Aspen 2016 making him a Slopestyle Bronze medalist.

"All day, he was sending everything in the park, tech and stylish and landing it all." - Devun Walsh

A further statement of Mons’ potential occurred at Sochi 2014, and again at Pyeongchang 2018 when he was named to the Norwegian National Team, believed by many to be the best in the world. With leaders like Tor Lundstrom and Stale Sandbech, it’s obvious this is a loaded squad with the unique opportunity to ride nearly year-round. Says Mons, “Being on this team is really a huge privilege for me. Each day with those riders and coaches makes me that much better. It’s something special for sure.”

You go, Gentlemen Mons (and see you at the afterparty!)


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