Kona Oliveira

MMA Fighter - Surfer


Oahu, Hawaii




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Shall we start this with a cheesy dictionary explanation? No. Let’s talk about Kona Oliveira. Ask any person what the scariest thing a human can do is, and a substantial majority will agree that either surfing a giant Hawaiian ocean wave (like “Jaws” in Pe’ahi) or stepping into a steel-caged octagon to face a horrifying killer of a MMA fighter that wants to devour you. Kona Oliveira has conquered both of these. A bad*ss surfer and a powerhouse in the octagon, Kona is daring, bold, and courageous. He is one of a kind.

"Kona is the modern version of Hawaii's extreme big wave surfing." -Sunny Garcia

Born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, it was no surprise that Kona started surfing at the age of 10. But at 14, he paddled his first huge wave at Jaws, the most feared Hawaiian wave. By 17, he had become a top North Shore force at the famous Pipeline. He was constantly making the news and scoring some of the best waves of the season. Fast-forward to 2018, Kona was a finalist in the Wave of the Winter presented by O’Neill and Surfline. In the words of the Hawaiian legend, Sunny Garcia, “Kona is the modern version of Hawaii’s extreme big wave surfing.”

“Kona is naturally suited for MMA. Great future." -Lyoto Machida

As the son of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, Kona was quickly introduced to Hawaii’s fight scene during his teen years. At 18, he shocked the amateur MMA scene on a first round win at his debut fight. Soon after, Kona was accepted as a member at the prestigious MMA Academy Black House, home to world champions such as Anderson Silva. Former UFC Champion, Lyoto Machida, stated “Kona is naturally suited for MMA. Great future”. Kona has also become part of the RVCA sports team and lifestyle ambassador.

We can confidently say that Kona’s goals to continue improving his surf skills and become the next UFC Champion are within arm’s reach, and we are excited to see what his future holds.

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