Cassie Sharpe



Comox, BC





For Cassie Sharpe, spending time in a rugged and mountainous environment was completely second nature. Growing up, the Sharpe’s spent all of their weekends in the idyllic outdoor playground of Vancouver Island. Visiting Dad at the local ski resort that he managed, it was in this setting where Cassie and her two brothers, Darcy and Doug, would rapidly reveal their talents. Choosing their own disciplines, they would ultimately push one another to a collective zenith (the boys snowboarded while Cassie skied).

Fast-forward more than ten years to her first ever World Ski Championships, Cassie dared to and succeeded in elevating the sport of women’s half pipe with an electrifying performance. While finishing in 2nd place, she wowed fans and judges alike by landing a trick that she had never attempted in competition before. Her follow-up act in 2014 was a streak of season-long podium finishes at every single competitive event that season.

“Cassie is a true game changer in her sport..." - Trennon Paynter

Trennon Paynter, Cassie’s Half-Pipe Coach, says “Cassie is a true game changer in her sport. She combines technical tricks with huge amplitude in a way that sets her apart from the field. Her ability, her commitment to hard work, and her down to earth attitude, make her a pleasure to work with, and have earned her the respect of her peers and the industry. She’s unique and creative, she makes good decisions, and she does it all with a genuine love of the sport, and a great big smile on her face.”

Career Highlights