The Value of Gold

Is there quantitative data we can place on the value of an Olympic Gold Medal?

The short answer to that question is yes.

The long answer to that question is shown through Nevin Harrison’s media placement during and prior to her historic performance in the 200m canoe sprint event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

Within 48 hours (8/4/21 – 8/5/21) Nevin racked up over 1300 mentions in broadcast media, totaling over 25 million in viewership nationwide. To increase the value some more, over the next two weeks (8/6/21 – 8/20/21) Nevin was featured over 400 more times and totaled another 21 million in viewership.

So, the number we can value an Olympic Gold Medal at is; 47 million in national viewership + 25 million in international viewership + 22 million in local viewership = 95 million in total viewership from almost 2,000 features in broadcast media.

THAT is what you get when you become an Olympic Gold Medalist, in Nevin Harrison fashion.


Data courtesy of TV Eyes Inc.


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