Sean Pettit and K2 – Mindbender

Thanks to Sean Pettit and K2 skis, our minds have been eternally bent.

K2’s Mindbender collection was introduced in 2018, but for their second wave of wizardry they put their heads together with Sean Pettit and, well, the rest is history. Pulling inspiration from the iconic 1998 Merlin 7, the new project blessed us with the new Mindbender 108Ti skis, Mindbender 130 boot, and one legendary video to accompany it.

Anytime we see Sean out on the slopes, we know we’ll be entertained. This can still be said even with his recent stint of shredding on a snowboard, which has left some wondering – where are the skis? Let us assure you that the skis are still very much a threat when strapped to Sean’s boots. Don’t believe us? Just watch the video below, it’s a perfect nod to Mr. Pettit’s skiing roots.

Well done, Sean and K2. Well done.

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