Nevin Harrison Wins Gold at Tokyo Olympics

As if Nevin Harrison’s resume was not impressive enough, on August 5, 2021, she added the most prestigious accolade to her track record – an Olympic Gold Medal.

After posting an Olympic Best Time of 44.938 seconds in her first heat on August 4, 2021, Harrison punched herself a one-way ticket straight to the semi-final. With two races to go, the next day was sure to be one filled with nerves for the 19-year-old competing on the world’s biggest stage. Then again, nerves have never seemed to affect Harrison and she was not about to let anything or anyone take the dream of an Olympic Gold Medal away from her. After 46.697 seconds of pure determination, Nevin secured 1st place in the semi-final and was on her way to the final. Just three hours later, Nevin approached the starting gate for the biggest race of her young career. Posting a time of 45.932 seconds, Nevin Harrison claimed the Gold Medal and became the first female athlete from the U.S. to win Gold in the canoe sprint event.

Nevin, you are an inspiration to athletes across the globe and we are so proud of you. Soak this one up, you deserve it!

Watch her crush it in the link below!


Photo: Lee Jin-man / The Associated Press

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