Three 2018 Olympic Gold Medals (A Message from our President)

We like to say we because I’m not the only one here at this little boutique agency. But in earnest, our athletes have done our company name so much justice through the last 8 years and particularly these past two weeks in PyeongChang. Superheroes all – Seb, Cassie, Øystein – there is no way to put your names in any order – because you have all pushed yourselves and your sports to the ultimate level. You haven’t just done that right now. You have been doing this for years. You’ve elevated, innovated, created, and most of all, inspired. You’ve inspired pros, inspired kids, inspired so many of us who can’t imagine what it’s like to be you – dozens of feet above the earth, taking yourselves to new levels on a seemingly routine basis. I’m humbled to play a small role in your success – to support, share, promote, protect, advocate, ideate, help reward and most of all, believe in you. I’m so grateful to be part of this journey with you. When I left my previous career and all of its awesome benefits and security, this is what I dreamed about. You – and our other superheroes who put it all on the line day after day, pushing your dreams with everything you have – have validated that decision times a thousand. Stand strong, and stand proud and take this in! You’ve earned this. You’re superheroes from now until the end. Thank you!

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