The Women Take Over X Games Oslo

February 2016, Cassie Sharpe and Christy Prior both took away huge wins at the inaugural X Games in Oslo.

As the sun started to set on the 520-foot Superpipe, Cassie claimed the top spot, not just once, but three times. Announcers boosted how this 23-year-old rookie could have taken the win on her first run, but she continued to push for better each time.

Her second run—an 88.33—was her best scored and featured a huge left-side 900 and two well-grabbed left-side and right-side flairs.

“I think my grabs and amplitude are what set me apart,” said Sharpe.
This is the first X Games Gold and first-ever X Games medal for Cassie.
Read more about Cassie’s win here.

Christy Prior took home an X Games Silver at her first ever Big Air competition. Christy who “just came to participate,” landed a frontside rodeo 720 trick on her first jump to earn her the top score of 84.00 points.

“I’m really stoked to put it down in such a new environment – my first scaffolding jump with 20,000 people watching! It was an incredible experience!” Prior said.

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