Decenzo Smashes the Berrics

Whether you put in 8 hours/day on urethane wheels or are just an over-the-hill, really-never-was type fan of skateboarding, The Berrics is as close to skate utopia as there has ever been. The website is a seemingly endless portal into the real world of skate here in the year 2011, and more than any contest or single team or media video, has become the all-star game for a massive subculture. Scott Decenzo had previously had his day under the lights with the Plan B team months ago, and didn’t disappoint. And when we heard Ryan Decenzo was going to visit The Berrics for his “First Trick Fridays,” we got really excited. Then when he dropped a pair of legitimate first-try tricks, it was icing on the cake. And now that he’s completed his first, “Text Yo’self Before You Wreck Yo’self,” its like someone just brought in a whole new cake with extra icing, and jimmies on top. So open The Berrics, and enjoy some cake.

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